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Round two on this Otachi inspired tattoo design. Wanted to try and integrate some subtly styling from The Secret of Kells as I adore that film to an unhealthy degree.

Going to now sit on this for a week or two before maybe going at it for more tweakage (like I already see I want to make the lighter flower bit smaller and the darker flowering bit slightly bigger). This will also give me time to (1) actually stop feeling silly that I really want to do this, (2) find someone who knows far more about tattoos than I so I can show them and talk over color, shape, line quality, etc, etc, (3) just generally fret over it.

This design is intended for my own personal use. Please don’t go and use it for your own purposes. When I’m able to open commissions again I would be willing to accept ones for designs like this and you can have your own special one. :)


Tale as old as timeSong as old as rhymeBeauty and the beast.~♪


Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast.~♪

Slytherin Girls


Slytherin girls grow up to be librarians.
They grow to wear solid green stockings
and short skirts by the river
even in late November.
They drink coffee black out of kitten mugs.
Slytherin girls own just two pairs of boots.
They write young adult novels
where the teen girls are gay
but adults reading the books cannot tell.
They carry notebooks stuffed with paper letters
that have been crumpled and flattened over and over.  
They deliver the letters
by setting them on fire inside your mailbox.
They still expect you to read them.

Slytherin girls sleep naked.
They will drink whatever you hand them.
They eat breakfast for dinner.
They forget to eat dinner.
They lock themselves out of the apartment.
They lock themselves out of the building.
They have not washed their socks.
They do not have enough quarters for laundry.
Their photos on facebook were reported as inappropriate.
Slytherin girls are sick of Slytherin boys.
They don’t understand all the fuss.
They go to local sporting events and sit
in the back row and write in notebooks.
They tear out the pages and crumple them.
They hold the balled up paper in their hand.
They look at the players and wonder
if they could ever run that fast.
She uncrumples the letter
and smooths it out and puts it back into the book.

Syltherin girls can bake bread but
their cookies always come out hard.
They will not go with you to get sushi.
They do not want you to pick them up.
They will meet you at the food carts.
They do not drive
They do not bike or take busses.
They walk.
They stop halfway across the bridge
and look at the water
and stay until it is dark enough
to see the streetlights reflect.
They walk to your house
and if you are not there
they wait for you on the front steps.

When you come home,
you do not have to make her dinner or get her drunk.
You do not have to turn the lights off.
She will unbutton her top but will not take it off.

She smells like cigarettes and blackberry tea.
You can smell it in a room for hours after she is gone.
She has an unfinished loft on the fourth floor.
The pillows on her couch are smeared with eyeliner.
At home she only wears the shirts of boys
she no longer sleeps with.
She picks flowers from the neighbor’s yard
and sits on the couch tearing them into small pieces,
concentrating like a surgeon.
She writes in her notebook.
She tears out the page and crumples it.
She throws it out the window.
She sits in the window looking down.
She turns on the shower
and leaves it running.
She puts on her shoes.
She walks down the four stories
and brings the crumpled letter back,
flattens it out,
slides it back into the book.

when i'm attracted to a guy character: you stupid nerd i love u i wanna kiss

when i'm attracted to a girl character: oh my god you beautiful queen you are untouchable pls step on me

If you command me to do something that I was already planning on doing the chances of me doing that thing automatically drop to zero

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire



(PART 1)

These gifs were found on various threads, I am unsure of the origins on some of them. 

These are the ones I’m sure of

1) Paranormal Activity 3 (watch here)

2) John Carpenter’s: In the Mouth of Madness (watch here)

3) The Conjuring (watch here)

4) VHS (watch here)

5) The Thing (watch here)

6) Nothing Really Matters- Madonna (music video) 

7) A maze in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights based on La Llorona 

8) Devil’s Pass (watch here)

9) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (watch here)

10) The Poughkeepie Tapes (watch here)

When sick:


Gryffindor: I’m going to face this
Slytherin: I will use every medicine known to man to feel better
Ravenclaw: I know what is happening
Hufflepuff: I need a hug


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I’ve mostly been posting about this project on Twitter, but I’m in a bit of a frustrated mood because I have to force myself to stop working on this and go to bed. So it’s not done! Base colors laid out, and I began getting the glow/lighting roughed in. I still have a lot to do.

OTACHI SCARF. I posted a bit ago on how I had my scarf epiphany and figured out how to get them made and sell them and so forth (with some extra designs posted to my Patreon). This however, is taking it a bit further. This particular one is mostly for ME as it needs the assist of my sewing capable sister (and is a good deal longer than what I plan for other scarves). For the most part, any scarves I sell will be one-sided only, with the backside just plain white. This is going to be two sided, two halves sewn together. At one end will be white braids with either light blue, white, or clear beading to mimic the very ends of Otachi’s tongue (oh man, I should look into some glow in the dark options).

The way I need to order fabric, we’ll be getting enough to make two of these. If the first goes well, then we could make a second one to sell or have a giveaway for (or giveaway to one of my Patreon supporters). I hope to have this made for when I go sell at Rose City Comicon. Along with maybe a scarf compromised of Newt’s tattoos (which has been roughed in and is well on it’s way). And I should probably make a scarf design that someone would actually buy too, because PacRim stuff at cons has been a giant big dud so far.


True story my therapist told me it is 100% natural and healthy to have attachments to fictional characters, especially strong hero types because they may have flaws but in the end they always save the day and some people just need that constant positive force in their life.